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Financial decision making tools

What we do

Smartlend is a fin-tech startup focused on automating the entire loan and decision making process for financial institutions and lenders. By utilizing big data algorithms, we are able to make comprehensive and thorough credit decisions for prospective borrowers. Smartlend optimizes the creditworthiness determination, underwriting protocols, risk assessment and predictive financial models with the use of our proprietary technology.

Smartlend’s API automation and integration facilitates measurable advancements in record retention, document submission, data management and credit reporting, creating a hands-free system, which reduces risk evaluation costs and minimizes default rates.


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HaNehoshet str. 3,
Tel Aviv-Yafo 6971068, Israel


Email address: info@smartlend.co.il
Phone:  +972 73 3912952
Fax:  +972 77 3181468